Let It Go! – May 10, 2019


Let It Go!

and she said to Abraham, “Get rid of that slave woman and her son, for that slave woman’s son will never share in the inheritance with my son Isaac.” Genesis 21:10

When Abraham tried to hurry the plan of God and fulfil it through well-intentioned but misguided human effort, Ishmael was born. Perhaps you have tried something similar yourself. We all have our ‘Ishmaels’ – a good idea that wasn’t a God idea. And it can complicate your life. So God told Abraham, ‘Cast out this bondwoman and her son.’ In other words: ‘It’s time to deal with your past and clean out your cupboard. This thing is holding you back, and until you deal with it you can’t move forward to your destiny. Get it out of your life and don’t look back!’ Sometimes your miracle (Isaac) and your mistake (Ishmael) can live together for a while under the same roof. Things can be so good in one area of your life, yet so bad in another. But there comes a time when God says, ‘Because of the plans I have for you, you must put this thing out of your life.’ And that’s not easy. It’s painful letting go of what your flesh craves or cherishes. But you have only two options: be led by your emotions and miss out on God’s best, or say, ‘As much as I love this person or thing, I love the Lord more.’ When you’re willing to walk away from something you thought you had to have because you love God more, that’s called ‘the sacrifice of praise’ (Hebrews 13:15). And when you offer it up to God, you position yourself to experience a new level of His blessing. Is God speaking to you today about something similar in your life? If so, let it go!

Heavenly Father, help me let go of things that are in my life that hold me back from the things You have in store for me. In Jesus’ Name, Amen


  1. Hagar was a slave, who was sexually exploited by Abraham. Ishmael, the son of Abraham and Hagar, did nothing wrong in being born. Hagar and Ismael were real and valid humans, just like Sarah and Issac. But Abraham tossed both, Hagar, and his own son, Ishmael, out like garbage, abandoning them without providing them with any means to survive more than a day or so. Now, Abraham had plenty of wealth and could easily have easily provided for his first son. But he didn’t. Obly God’s grace, mercy and miraculous provision spared Hagar and Ishmael from horrible deaths. God does sometimes require us to give up relationships that were formed through our mistakes. I don’t think That does not mean God wants us to treat our “Ishmaels” and “Hagars”with brutal disregard.

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