The Hope of Heaven – October 12, 2019


The Hope of Heaven

But let me reveal to you a wonderful secret. We will not all die, but we will all be transformed! 1 Corinthians 15:51

Ever been to a Gaither Family Reunion event? Bill and his friends put on quite the inspirational program. The folksy style and humor along with fine-tuned harmonies warms the proverbial cockles of many hearts. I’ve watched one of these gatherings in person and several on television. I like rich harmony and the often hokey Gaither humor can be pretty funny. I even find myself singing along with a number of their songs.

One of their favorites is a Stuart Hamblen piece titled “Your First Day in Heaven.” The chorus goes:

Well it’s a great, great morning
Your first day in Heaven
When you stroll down the golden avenue.
There are mansions left and right
And you’re thrilled at every sight
And the saints are always smiling saying “How do you do?”
Oh it’s a great, great morning
You’re first day in Heaven
When you realize your worrying days are through.
You’ll be glad you were not idle,
Took time to read your Bible;
It’s a great morning for you.

People question what heaven will be like. I recommend reading Randy Alcorn’s book simply titled, Heaven. There’s a 50-day devotional companion for it!

One thing of which we can be assured: heaven will be a place of sweet reunions. Jesus gave His disciples a taste on the Mount of Transfiguration. The Bible records that Moses and Elijah appeared with the transfigured Jesus. Both were recognized by the disciples who were with the Lord. (see Luke 9:28-36 ) This assures that we will retain our individuality in heaven.

You’ve heard the line, “Hope springs eternal.” The promise of the eternal should spring hope! And a reunion like no other. Read up on what the Bible teaches on heaven. You’ll be enlightened and encouraged. And Stuart Hamblen was right. Take time to read that Bible while you can!

Father, remind me that You have provided everything I need for heaven right at my fingertips; in Your Word. Amen

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