Recognized by God – January 12, 2020


Recognized by God

The LORD will fulfill his purpose for me; your steadfast love, O LORD, endures forever. Do not forsake the work of your hands. Psalm 138:8

Several marriage experts have written that women thrive more on security and men seek significance. There is likely some truth to that generalization as counselors meet with many who affirm this. I can attest to knowing the male perspective. Significance in life DOES matter to most. Seeing the vastness of the universe, it’s hard to imagine that a God of Magnificence would care about little old me. Is He even aware of my daily life? Does He actually hear when I pray? Am I truly significant to Him?

In 2018, ministry leader Heath Adamson penned the book Grace in the Valley: Awakening to God’s Presence When He Feels Far Away. In the chapter titled “Does God Recognize You?,” Heath gives some perspective to the selection of the young man David to be Israel’s next king. Certainly an unlikely prospect. Possibly one who seemed invisible in contrast to his older brothers. Samuel goes to Jesse’s house as instructed by the Lord to see who God has chosen. None of the brothers met the test. Except one who was not even present in the house! As we know, David was the one God selected. Heath Adamson writes, “He (David) didn’t have the pedigree, the reputation or any earthly reason to believe God would choose him for anything significant.” To David, significance came in being faithful in caring for his sheep—a lowly position in that culture. And I really like Adamson’s encouragement from this biblical story. He writes, “Some of the anonymous, hidden and dark moments in life are preparation to sit at the King’s table and feast.” Are you preparing for this greater purpose?

Don’t be fooled by your seeming invisibility at times. To our great and loving God, by faith you are forever divinely connected. Of course He knows you. And He has a plan and purpose for your life.

Gracious Heavenly Father, may I live today in the reality of Your personal care for me. Help me remember I am never out of Your sight or away from Your spirit. In Jesus’ Name, Amen

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